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Our team at love lane Day Nursery is committed to supporting the needs of children aged 0- 5.
We understand that children learn through play and observation, this is why our nursery is equipped with a variety of new age appropriate toys and equipment. Outdoors our spaces contain rich stimulating sensory areas features (EYFS)

Our highly trained staff are extremely passionate about providing exemplary childcare and providing children with the tools needed to give them the best start at life. Using the primary areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional, physical communication and language) we also demonstrate mutual respect and patience, keeping in the forefront that leaning must be fun.

The happiness and well-being of all children is important to us at Love Lane Day Nursery. At nursery we provide your children with nutritious freshly cooked meals.
We work in partnerships with parents every day to ensure that children have a smooth transition between home and nursery life, so parents can relax and know that their child feels secure , confident and nurtured.